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Mission Statement
The mission of ANHI is to engender in society an appreciation of and to provide for a solid, scientific knowledge base, and foundation for the understanding of the human mind, through study, research, and teaching, especially in hypnotherapy techniques as an alternative complimentary healthcare method utilized to effect positive changes for the good of the individual, the family and the community.

Dr. Laura LaRain> Founder and Director of ANHI

Laura LaRain Ph.D.
Founder and Director of
Atlanta National Hypnotherapy Institute

Dr. LaRain is a Clinical Hypnotherapist who has been teaching and applying the science of Hypnotherapy for over 35 years.

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The Value of Hypnotherapy

People are becoming interested in ways to bring about positive changes in their lives. This is evidenced by the phenomenal growth in book sales on self-help, television programming, exercise, stress reduction, school courses dealing with prevention and safe practical therapies in general. Hypnotherapy gives Americans another choice to help themselves accomplish their goals, making their lives more productive, happier, and comfortable.

Would you like to be part of this? Our Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist Course at ANHI can help you accomplish that goal. It is estimated that over 70% of all medical complaints in a doctor's office are of a psychosomatic origin. Americans suffer from insomnia, obesity, and destructive habits. In the United States alone, well over a billion dollars per day are spent on health care products and affiliated services. It is easy to understand why qualified professional hypnotherapists are needed who have been well-trained in hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis is a natural, powerful, and effective way to reach that 88 to 99% of your mind, the subconscious, to overcome problems and negative habits in a shorter time with less expense than many therapies. Anytime there is a transformation in a life, it is the result of a change on the subconscious level. The subconscious is reached by hypnosis, whether it is environmental hypnosis in our day to day life or in a session with a hypnotherapist.

There is nothing supernatural about hypnosis. It is a natural state of mind that people go into all by themselves all the time.

Begin the Process of a New Career by completing the Hypnotherapy School Registration Form today. To learn more about joining the Atlanta National Hypnotherapy Institute call or email our Admissions Coordinator at 770-928-0394 and

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Member of the American Hypnosis Association   Member of the Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission

34 Years of Experience with Proven Results

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Become a Clinical Hypnotherapist

Our students come from all walks of life. Some experienced the benefits of Hypnotherapy themselves, and wanting to share their benefit, became a Certified Hypnotherapist. Many are looking for a fulfilling career that makes a positive difference in people's lives. Some of our students want a second career, or are already in helping professions and want to increase their skill set.

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