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Mission Statement
The mission of ANHI is to engender in society an appreciation of and to provide for a solid, scientific knowledge base, and foundation for the understanding of the human mind, through study, research, and teaching, especially in hypnotherapy techniques as an alternative complimentary healthcare method utilized to effect positive changes for the good of the individual, the family and the community.

Dr. Laura LaRain> Founder and Director of ANHI

Laura LaRain Ph.D.
Founder and Director of
Atlanta National Hypnotherapy Institute

Dr. LaRain is a Clinical Hypnotherapist who has been teaching and applying the science of Hypnotherapy for over 35 years.

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The Benefits of Studying Hypnosis

Our Hypnotherapy Courses are very valuable to:
  • Those in the ministerial profession
  • Those in the teaching profession
  • Those in child welfare services, counselors and other helping professions
  • Those in the medical profession
  • Those wishing to improve their business skills
  • The Investigative Personality wishing to expand their horizons
  • Those wishing to enhance their Personal lives and the lives of those they Love.
  • Those in law enforcement
  • Parents

Knowledge is Power. This course gives you the power to take control of your life. Your subconscious mind dictates 88 to 99% of all you do. Learn how to make your subconscious mind work for you instead of against you and help others to do the same.

Here Are a Few Ways Hypnotherapy May Be Used:

Employers: Absenteeism, substance abuse and other problems resulting from stress take a heavy financial toll on companies. Reducing stress and increasing sales motivation can result in higher productivity and financial gain.

Education: Improve concentration, memory, and study habits.

Medical (with doctors referral): Hypnotherapy is used to enhance the comfort level and reduce the pain in cancer patients, reduce stress, lower blood pressure and help to facilitate the healing process more quickly. There are thousands of doctors in the U.S. that use hypnosis in their practice. Hypnotherapy has been and is used in medical and dental surgery with great success.

Sports: Hypnosis is extremely effective with sports and athletic training to improve focus, concentration, and self confidence.

How can Hypnotherapy Training Help Me?

Parents: This course will help you understand how your child's suggestibility develops and how you can use that knowledge to help your child deal with peer pressure and other problems during those crucial elementary, middle school and high school years.

Self Improvement: This course will enlighten you as to why you behave the way you do and show you how you can change that behavior by working with the subconscious through hypnosis. Improve your self confidence and belief in yourself. Improve your focus, concentration and memory. Say goodbye to those fears and phobias. Learn how to deal with everything in your life in a calm, clear-minded way. The journey to Self Improvement and Self- Empowerment begins with a phone call. Call today to reserve your space.

Ministers and Teachers: Learn how to reach your congregation and students by understanding how to create rapport, use power statements, visualization, imagery, and suggestions about any subject in a way that compliments the learning process for both left and right brain dominant individuals.

Medical: Because the subconscious mind cannot analyze or recognize the difference between visualizing and going through the actual process of an event, it is understandable how a past negative medical experience may create "white coat syndrome," etc. Learn how the techniques used by Clinical Hypnotherapy can easily retrain the subconscious mind to perceive a different and more positive way of looking at a medical problem. Help your patient experience less anxiety and have a more positive treatment experience.

Business: Left/right brain dominant individuals (suggestibility) learn and process information differently. Learn about and understand the different types of suggestibility and how to effectively create rapport with each one. These communication skills are developed through the training you will receive at ANHI. Additionally, learn how to manage work related stress, become more assertive, be more solution oriented, and enjoy greater self confidence as a graduate of ANHI.

Horizons: ANHI can help you broaden your horizons and become more aware of the opportunities available. Wouldn't it be great to take control of your thoughts, your feelings and your emotions and experience an overall improvement in your total lifestyle?

Enhancement: We are all the result of what we think, visualize, and imagine. Our brain is the cognitive center of our body where ideas are formed, emotions felt, and memory stored. Since the brain controls the body it makes sense that positive thoughts and positive visualizations can transform lives in wonderful ways.

Begin the Process of a New Career by completing the Hypnotherapy School Registration Form today. To learn more about joining the Atlanta National Hypnotherapy Institute call or email our Admissions Coordinator at 770-928-0394 and

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Member of the American Hypnosis Association   Member of the Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission

34 Years of Experience with Proven Results

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Become a Clinical Hypnotherapist

Our students come from all walks of life. Some experienced the benefits of Hypnotherapy themselves, and wanting to share their benefit, became a Certified Hypnotherapist. Many are looking for a fulfilling career that makes a positive difference in people's lives. Some of our students want a second career, or are already in helping professions and want to increase their skill set.

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