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Mission Statement
The mission of ANHI is to engender in society an appreciation of and to provide for a solid, scientific knowledge base, and foundation for the understanding of the human mind, through study, research, and teaching, especially in hypnotherapy techniques as an alternative complimentary healthcare method utilized to effect positive changes for the good of the individual, the family and the community.

Dr. Laura LaRain> Founder and Director of ANHI

Laura LaRain Ph.D.
Founder and Director of
Atlanta National Hypnotherapy Institute

Dr. LaRain is a Clinical Hypnotherapist who has been teaching and applying the science of Hypnotherapy for over 35 years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hypnosis?

An altered state of consciousness which results in an increased receptiveness and response to suggestion. While associated with relaxation, hypnosis is actually an escape from an overload of input, resulting in relaxation. Hypnosis can be triggered naturally from environmental stimuli or purposefully from an operator, often referred to as a hypnotist.

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What is Suggestibility?

The way we learn and take in ideas: our hypnotic personality. A person's hypnotic personality is determined by the hypnotherapist prior to the session in order to understand the most effective treatment method.

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What’s the difference between Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis can be used for many purposes. Hypnotherapy is using hypnosis to counter negative mental patterns by replacing them with positive ideas in order to produce desired change.

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What is a Hypnotherapist?

In 1973, Dr. John Kappas, Founder of HMI, wrote and defined the profession of a Hypnotherapist in the Federal Dictionary of Occupational Titles..."Induces hypnotic state in client to increase motivation or alter behavior patterns: Consults with client to determine nature of problem. Prepares client to enter hypnotic state by explaining how hypnosis works and what client will experience. Tests subject to determine degree of physical and emotional suggestibility. Induces hypnotic state in client, using individualized methods and techniques of hypnosis based on interpretation of test results and analysis of client's problem. May train client in self-hypnosis conditioning."

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How does Hypnosis work?

The Hypnotherapist first leads their client into a deep state of concentration and relaxation. The Hypnotherapist is then able to bypass the client's critical, conscious mind that perpetuates negative thought patterns, and suggest positive alternatives directly to the subconscious mind.

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What problems do Hypnotherapists treat?

The list is long and varied. Hypnotherapy has been independently tested to be effective in treating smoking cessation, weight loss, stress, addictive behavior, insomnia, anxiety, fears, phobias, ADD & ADHD, sports performance, procrastination, lack of motivation and confidence, pain management for chronic pain, childbirth and surgery, nail biting, study habits, and much more.

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Is Hypnotherapy effective?

Hypnotherapy was approved as a valid treatment option by the British Medical Association in 1955 and the American Medical Association in 1958. The American Psychological Association has a division dedicated to the practice of Hypnotherapy. A wide range of studies have been conducted by many individuals and medical and scientific organizations. One phrase that consistently occurs in the summary of these studies is "significant improvement over other methods." Success rates using Hypnotherapy are traditionally at a minimum of 50% higher when compared to more traditional treatments.

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Is Hypnotherapy safe?

Hypnotherapy taps into the natural power of the subconscious mind to bypass the critical, conscious mind that perpetuates negative, self-destructive thoughts and the naturally following negative behaviors. It is used as a treatment for desired, positive change and pain management. A Hypnotherapist cannot force someone to do anything that is against their will.

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What does it feel like to be hypnotized ?

Hypnosis is a very pleasant feeling of complete physical and mental relaxation. It is similar to that moment between knowing you are awake and going into the sleep state. However, you never lose awareness during hypnosis.

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Can a person be hypnotized against their will?

No one is hypnotized against their will. The hypnotist merely assists the subject, who hypnotizes himself.

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34 Years of Experience with Proven Results

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